What Alumni Say About the Academy

Mike Henry - Class of 1984 

Agent, Graham and Cook Insurance, Farragut, Tennessee

"My sister and I both graduated from the Academy. We are thankful to our parents for the influence a Christian education has had upon our lives. Looking back, I will always be grateful for the willingness of my teachers to help me. I recommend it highly."

Bobby McCoy - Class of 1994

Assistant Pastor, Oak Ridge Baptist Church - Oak Ridge, Tennessee

"I am so grateful for the spiritual investment the faculty and staff have always been willing to make in students’ lives. They freely gave of their time and life to me, and it made a lasting impact upon me for Christ. That is just one of the things that stands out among so many wonderful memories. I am forever grateful for the example Dwayne Hickman and my other coaches were to me as a young man."

Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Hammond - Class of 2002

Resident Physician of General Surgery at Methodist University Hospital - Memphis, TN

"My husband and I are both Academy alumni. We are thankful for the high standards of the Academy. We are grateful for Pastor Sexton’s personal interest in us.

"I can tell you that the teachers and staff in the Academy are genuinely interested in their students, both spiritually and academically. I pray that the Academy will continue to raise the standard and always effectively prepare students to find their place in God’s will, in whatever walk of life that may be."